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How can I become a Lamb Factory?

  • B lamb to Factory u page , we recommend that you review carefully. Check the presentation, video and feasibility files on this page. Examine the feasibility files on your computer, not on your mobile device. The feasibility files have been prepared to give you the opportunity to make feasibility studies on intensive meat breeding. You can reveal your own feasibility by putting your own values ​​and current values ​​into them.

If I take care of Anarom sheep in pasture, can I get the same yield?

  • If you take the sheep giving multiple births to pasture, the reproductive efficiency decreases. It is a chronic stress source in Mera bay, stress decreases efficiency. You think that feed comes for free, but the reproductive efficiency drops from 3 lambs to 1.3 lambs a year, you will suffer.

  • Diseases in pasture are a risk. Viruses in places where other herds cross live 50-60 years, and your animals are affected by this situation.

  • Highland shepherd is no longer a profession. The younger generation does not see the current traditional sheep breeding as a profession. The average age of sheep breeding in the villages is over 65. Turkey can not respond to traditional sheep's needs.

  • You cannot measure what the animal eats in the pasture, whether it is enough or not. You cannot manage a job that you cannot measure.

  • We do not recommend Romanov breeding. Lamb mortality is high due to adaptation problems. Lambs are born small, do not grow, their birth weight is around 1.5 kg, a breed without a butchery value cannot have a high breeding value.

You can obtain detailed information about Anarom sheep on site.

Should I do pure Romanov breeding?
Pure Romanov is not the right choice for broodstock sheep for meat producing enterprises. The reasons for this are as follows;
1) Pure breeds are naive and
not resistant to diseases , mainly viral
2) Pure Romanov is thin, not a breed with a thin waist and weak thighs and a formation suitable for meat production.

3) Ideally 2 or 3 lambs are born per sheep in a lamb producing business. Sheep giving birth over three lambs wear out before they raise too many offspring. As a result of the competition between the offspring, both lamb deaths increase and the brood sheep quickly come out of the breeding.

4) Birth weight decreases in lambs born with more than triplets, and this decreases the survival, fattening ability and carcass yield.

5) High fertility has added a feminine appearance to prolific races. Feminine structure spreads as thin waist and narrow thighs. Waist and thighs are the most precious places for lambs for butchers.

In the world, Romanov sheep are used in crossbreeding studies with domestic sheep. In this way, it is aimed to increase the reproductive efficiency of domestic sheep. INRA institute in France completed the crossbreeding of domestic French sheep with Romanov, which started in 1963, after a period of 20 years and developed the sheep breed they named Romane. Likewise, Canada has hybridized Finnish sheep with high fertility and native sheep and developed its own brood sheep race Rideau Arcott. Romanov sheep in Turkey with high fertility hybridization studies of the native Anatolian sheep breed began in 2004 under the leadership of Atatürk University, and ended with the development of Anaro my sheep breeds.

How did the ANAROM sheep come about?

While new sheep genotypes that have been improved for offspring and milk yield are developed in the Aegean and Marmara regions in our country, there are few and limited concrete studies in this framework for Eastern, Central and Southeastern Anatolia. In Erzurum, Atatürk University, the projects supported by the Scientific Research Project Unit started in 2004, and crossbreeding studies in domestic sheep breeds in breeding studies based on prolific Romanov sheep were carried out with the participation of approximately 150 producers in approximately 30,000 sheep and seven regions. Within the scope of the projects, as the Romanov elite gene resource; By importing frozen semen and embryos from businesses in the USA and Canada registered with the North American Romanov Breeders Association, which produce pedigrees, they have been brought to our country safely. The "Elite Pure Romanov" seed herd was established from 5 sire and 9 mother lines (45 lines), not as a live animal, but with the most reliable biotechnological methods such as sperm and embryo, and crossbreeding studies were initiated in our domestic sheep breeds. In the crossbreeding studies, the fertility of Romanov crossbreeds, which are native sheep breeds, was increased from 110% to 170-220%, and improvements were made in the growth and development characteristics of lambs obtained from animals that can mate out of season. The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock allowed Romanov imports in 2008 as a result of the positive results initiated and received by the Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Atatürk University. However, this import permit has been granted to people who do not have scientific competence, have little or no animal husbandry experience, in line with their demands. With the import permit, samples of Romanov breed without pedigree (horse yield) and project (offspring yield) information were imported as live animals from other countries, including Russia, and many scientific studies on Romanov sheep were voided. Following the importation of live animals, Romanov owners competing with each other on social media, television and newspapers, and the sales of these animals with astronomical prices started to appear. In the production of lamb meat of the Romanov race; The reproductive function and success of domestic breeds with low fertility were ignored. Instead, they suddenly raised pure Romanovs and a dozen lambs dreamed of hope merchants from a sheep. The Romanov breed, which is now preferred by many countries in the improvement of fertility, has been turned into a matter of rent in our country and has become a topic that many people are deceived. Unfortunately, this unpleasant, unsubstantiated scenario greatly damaged the Romanov Sheep-Based Breeding Projects. In many countries around the world, with the participation of the producer organizations and the disciplined inspections of the Ministry of Agriculture, the new sheep types developed from the Romanov breed, which serve the country's sheep breeding, have unfortunately not reached beyond the uncontrolled, uncontrolled production and information pollution. This situation led to the establishment of the "Anadolu Romanov Sheep Breeders Association" (ARYET) in 2009, by gathering the operators and the academic team of the university project. Association; There are registered producers in provinces in different regions such as Thrace, Aegean, Marmara, Central Anatolia, South East Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia, Mediterranean and Black Sea. Continuing its research and development activities, the association carries out public benefit projects as it is a non-governmental organization. However, association members Romanovl about finding adventure in nearly 10 years Turkey faced serious difficulties is an indisputable facts and express themselves in their presentation of all information pollution. 'Anatolian Romanov' is a new type of sheep that has been obtained by crossbreeding studies carried out with almost all our domestic sheep breeds since 2004 in breeding studies based on Romanova and subsequently by selection. In addition to the Morkaraman, İvesi, Akkaraman, Dağlıç races, which are used predominantly in these studies, it makes it possible to breed Anatolian Romanovs in all regions of our country, in Grover, Chios and other races. The developments in recent years are of the nature to rekindle the Romanova-based breeding studies. Canada, Alberta Ministry of Agriculture, Canadian origin Romanov and subsequently other cultural breeds have taken a clear support decision due to the use of the technology available in our country at the highest level within the framework of scientific principles and in this way, NGOs, scientists, SMEs will be a reference in the international market and related activities. clearly reported. Canada, Alberta Province is one of the most important regions of the country and one of the most successful provinces in agriculture and livestock products. Breeding businesses where elite herds of sheep and goat breeds from ovine animals are bred have a well-deserved prestige worldwide. It is promising that the Ministry of Agriculture of Canada, Alberta, sees our country as the right opening door to many other markets, including the Middle East, as both live animals and frozen genetic material. The frozen genetic material trade agreement has been signed between the two countries, and there is no obstacle in obtaining new sheep and goat genotypes with common health certificates.

The paternal line of Anarom sheep is Russian Romanov sheep. The mother line of Anarom sheep consists of 8 native races of Anatolia (İvesi, Akkaraman, Morkaraman, Kivircik, Sakız, Tuj, Kangal). The Anarom sheep is a Romanov hybrid, a breed that was developed as a result of the hybridization of Romanov and domestic sheep for 10 years. As a result of a 10-year crossbreeding study, 3 breeding characteristics of sheep were examined, and sheep with the desired characteristics were kept in the herd, and those that were not were removed from the herd. Desired features;

  • Being pregnant in the first year,

  • Lambing every 8 months,

  • Ability to give twin lambs at each lambing

Anarom sheep have these 3 characteristics, and they have the ability to pass these characteristics on to the next generations. Therefore, not all Romanov crossbreds are Anarom sheep.

What are the advantages of ANAROM over native breeds?

  • Other local breeds in our country are low fertile breeds. They give 1 lamb a year.

  • The breeding of native breeds in our country is seasonal. They do not come to breed out of season. This means lamb production in the same months. It is not possible to establish a business that can produce lambs every month with local breeds, but this is possible with Anarom. Its breeding can be programmed as its anarome breeding is a non-seasonal sheep.

  • You can find a comparison between Anarom and domestic brood sheep in terms of maternal characteristics.

  • Lambs of Chios sheep, which have the best fertility characteristics among local breeds in our country, have low survival rate (mortality rate is 50% in triplets and 30% in twins).

  • Adaptation problems are observed in Chios sheep. In breeding outside the Izmir region, there is a decrease in productivity and degeneration in animals.

  • Chewing gum is not suitable for herding sheep, 10-20 heads are herded as family business.

  • Since gum is a milk-type breed, lambs have poor constitution and low fattening ability.


Is ANAROM distributed in every region?
Since ANAROM is obtained as a result of crossbreeding with eight local breeds grown in seven agricultural regions of our country, it is grown in every region.


Is ANAROM care and feeding the same as for other sheep?
ANAROM is a sheep with improved fertility. This breed with increased offspring productivity should be fed additionally during the last 6 weeks of pregnancy and 8 weeks, which is the lamb breastfeeding period.

How is ANAROM meat quality? In short-tailed Anaroms, mutton-specific odor is almost non-existent. It has very ideal features in terms of meat quality. The flavor of its meat appeals to our taste buds. By increasing the functional meat characteristics of lamb, you can obtain a product with higher added value. You can increase your selling price of lamb carcass in this way. The feeding ration we apply with our experts increases the KLA and functional food properties in meat. You can reach our publication on this subject here .


How should shelter conditions for ANAROM be?
A special shelter condition is not required for ANAROM. Especially in cold regions, there is no problem in cultivation.

How much space is required for ANAROM?
For ANAROM, 700-800 m2 for 100 head lots, 1000-1100 m2 for 200-250 head lots, 1500 m2 for 500 head lots. The total area of ​​the enterprise is the number of sheep that you will raise X 10 square meters.

Is there a minimum number to get ANAROM?
Although it is not ideal for breeding, the minimum number is a herd consisting of 100 females and 10 males.

Does ANAROM have to be looked off?
ANAROM is suitable for both pasture-based and pen breeding. It can adapt to any breeding model. Anarom sheep are more agile than our domestic sheep, and they make better use of pasture than our domestic sheep.


Is there government support for ANAROM?
For ANAROM breed breeding, you can benefit from Ziraat Bank's zero-interest investment loans for broodstock pricing in accordance with the "three lambs in two years" program. If you want to open Kuzufab, we help you with the Ziraat bank loan application project.


Can I get milk from ANAROM?
If frequent lambing is not done in ANAROM (every 8 months - 3 lambs in 2 years), milking can be done. Except that the lambs suck, it yields 100-120 liters of milk.

What will be the offspring yield if ANAROM is laminated once a year?
In good grooming conditions, ANAROM yields 250% lambs once a year.

Can I get Pure Beef Baba from you?
We do not sell pure beef, Suffolk, Charollais, Dorper ram. These breeds are available and we are inseminating. Our elite pure beef fathers are obtained by embryo transfer method and are used in semen production. The gene source of these rams in our farm is Canadian OCFlock company. Pedigrees are available, daily live weight gains reach 500 grams. It is more rantable to take advantage of their genetics through insemination rather than breeding such an elite coach on your farm. The sales value of our Elit Suffolk rams is 5000 dollars, breeding life is 3-4 years, annual feed consumption is around 1000 TL. When you consider the losses due to illness etc., it makes more sense to take advantage of its seed rather than growing it. When you synchronize the heat, you need to have 100 rams per 1000 sheep at a ratio of 1/10. We can inseminate the whole herd with the semen of a single ram.

Can I start a herd with an ANAROM coach?

It is ok if you have sheep with short and thin tails. If you have sheep with a tail structure ranging from half fat to fat tail, ANAROM males with SHORT tails cannot mate. Take a look at our page where detailed explanations are made on this subject.

Who is supplying ANAROM?
ANAROM can be made by registered companies of Lamb Factory. For business query, be sure to get verification from our team before purchasing.

Is every Romanov hybrid ANAROM?
Not every Romanov hybrid is ANAROM. Anarom sheep is a registered domestic sheep type that has been proven to pass reproductive characteristics to its offspring.

What is the ideal flock size?
An ideal flock size should not be less than 200 and should not exceed 1000.

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