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Kuzufab™ is a life style that turns white-collar workers into green-collar ones.


  • Kuzufab™ is the story of the transformation of white-collar workers who are tired of city life into green-collar workers who make a transition to village life by producing with a modern management approach. Intertwined with nature, away from stress, close to animal, on the one hand peace and on the other hand profitable production. Kuzufab offers you the transition to the lifestyle you longed for, with a concrete business plan and feasibility. Word Kuzufab stands for Lamb Factory in Turkish.

  • Kuzufab is a network of sheep breeding businesses. Businesses opened in common standards with the franchise method are managed centrally. Please review the information on this page carefully to learn about our Kuzufab services and to examine the feasibility files.

  • With Anarom brood sheep that we have developed in 10 years, we are producing sheep with high efficiency. You can view academic publications on Anarom sheep here .

  • With our shelter standards , we can set up Kuzufab farms on a turnkey basis within 1 month. Our exemplary business is in Istanbul Beykoz. You can see our other businesses on this page .

  • 100% domestic production Saytart system and Herd Tracking system are standard in our farms. You can follow your farm from anywhere on the web and mobile devices. In this way, you can make production based on less people, more system-based, track the return of your investment and manage it. We are removing the investment in meat sheep from being a system based solely on "finding a good shepherd".
  • We provide training in our Beykoz Kuzufab farm, with mobile software, all steps to be taken during breeding are explained with daily reminders, we show practically all processes during the training. We share up-to-date breeding information on our Facebook Lamb Factory page.

  • We buy female and male lambs produced by Lamb Factory ™ farms. We sell these lambs online through the website Our customers can recognize the breeder of the lamb they eat, and can track many information about the lamb, including the date of birth, up to the analysis of the grass the lamb ate, through the barcode on the package. A ll Lamb Factory is using the same technology infrastructure businesses.

  • If you want to establish a Lamb Factory business, please fill in the contact form , introduce yourself and share the project in your mind with us.


KUZUFAB  affordable smart shelter design standards

In order to buy 3 lambs from a sheep a year, and to have a sheep farm that can produce lambs every month; The right shelter conditions , the right broodstock, the right breeding method, the right feeding strategy, the right equipment and herd tracking system are required. Neither of these alone is enough.

Lamb Factory shelter systems consist of a greenhouse type designed to provide animal welfare and comfort for four seasons, summer and winter paddocks with high ventilation, front opening to the promenade. The system where you can buy 3 lambs per sheep per year includes components that you can implement; Maternity room, mating room, crepe feeding and food growing sections, transfer track between the walking area and paddocks, treatment tent, automatic counting and weighing unit.

Manage 1000 sheep with 2 people, do the sheep treatment with minimum manpower, while remaining loyal to animal welfare, reduce operational costs


We cannot manage a business that we cannot measure

You are in control with the KUZUFAB Technology Standards


Kuzufab automatic counting, weighing and 3-way sorting system works integrated with Kuzufab mobile herd tracking software. The 3-way sorting system allows you to sort the animals untouched according to the criteria you determine. For example, you can use the system without touching the animal to separate pregnant women from empty, butchery lambs over 45 kg, or a certain breed from others.

Lamb Factory Treatment Department Design

Your farm is in your pocket with the Mobile Application

Mobile flock tracking application integrated with automatic treatment unit and 3-way separation system, newborn scale and RFID reader bar

Ana menü

Ana menü

Seans ekranında muamele gören hayvan ekranı

Seans ekranında muamele gören hayvan ekranı

Yeni seans oluşturma ekranı

Yeni seans oluşturma ekranı

büyük butonlarla seçenek işaretleme

büyük butonlarla seçenek işaretleme

Aksiyon isimleri

Aksiyon isimleri

Lamb Factory Manager Application

Track your herd from anywhere, on any device, with instant data

Hay Barrels

Rational feeding and high feed production standards


All lambs we produce meet the same carcass standards. The increase in the CLA ratio of our meat and its taste are due to our fattening ration and our own production of coarse and concentrated feed that we use in all our facilities.

For lamb factory concentrate feed; The rations are prepared in special ration programs with the latest system technology and full automation system without human touch.

We produce the herbs our lambs eat in our 150 fields. Seed quality, soil fertility, water quality, temperature and humidity values, fertilizer quality, pesticide selection and size are checked. We make laboratory measurements of all the herbs produced, our animals consume the best quality grass.


Our special production lamb factory concentrate feed varieties

Kuzuco provides 100% traceability from farm to fork

We manage the production farm, slaughterhouse, processing, packaging, logistics, all phases. Lamb Factory production volume is growing day by day. With Kuzuco, we provide end-to-end traceability in lamb meat production.

We are on sale at 32 Metro Stores, Migros Macrocenter, and across Turkey.

The best choose us.


Same visual standards in all businesses

Lamb Factory enterprises are professional enterprises that perform accurate task and role distribution with high work discipline and follow high precision work and time plans. The visuals of our shelters, the colors used, our feeders, drinkers and dressing standards are the same. Don't be put off by just saying what the visual standards that sheep will see are good for whom, we take our business seriously.


In Turkey, Lamb Factory We dealership.

Please fill the form in detail and we will get back to you.

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Ergen Biotechnology Ltd.

Ataturk University, Ata Technopolis,

Technologies Development Zone, 25240, Erzurum

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