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who are we

Dr. Bahadir Assignment

Founding Partner

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We are Ergen Biotechnology Ltd, founded in 2008, located in Erzurum Ata Teknokent. Our team consists of academicians. We have farms belonging to our company in Erzurum and Istanbul.

We have a sheep breed named Anarom ™, which we developed between 2003-2013, with high reproductive efficiency and reproductive abilities out of season.

We have a software team in Istanbul, ITU Technopolis. We develop sheep treatment units and mobile herd tracking software .

We are establishing farms that we call the Turnkey Lamb Factory for investors. They are farming Anaro m sheep. We have enterprises that are owned and managed by our investors operating in Sakarya, Karaman, Adana and Kırşehir.

In the process of establishing a new Lamb Factory ™ meat sheep business, we provide the construction of shelters, supply of sheep, technology equipment, and training services. With the transition to operation, we provide end-to-end services including support for roughage, concentrate supply , nutrition , breeding program, and health protection.

We buy female and male lambs produced by Lamb Factory ™ farms. We sell these lambs online with our brand Kuzu Burger ™ on the website Our customers can recognize the breeder of the lamb they eat, and can track many information about the lamb, including the date of birth, up to the analysis of the grass the lamb ate, through the barcode on the package.

When you scan the barcode on the packages from your smartphones, you can learn the date of birth of the lamb, the farm it was born in, the content and analysis of the herbs and feeds it eats. Because all Lamb Factory businesses use the same technology infrastructure.

Prof. Dr. Ebru Emsen

Founding Partner

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Practical Information and Feasibility

Let's talk about how we will support you as Lamb Factory;

Lamb Factory is a beef breeding enterprise. Kuzu Factory and Anarom registered trademarks are the enterprises that produce pedigree, certified beef breeders.

Our aim is to create a family of Anarom breeders. We can call this family unity of race. We offer you an end-to-end service to implement the Lamb factory meat sheep breeding business model.

After your farm comes to life and starts operation, we support the operation of your farm, and on the other hand, we supervise your farm.

One of the most important criteria to achieve high efficiency in meat sheep breeding is to reach quality feed sources. We supply quality roughage from our contracted fields. In addition, we have the Lamb Factory concentrate feed produced by feed factories using our own ration.

We sell your breeding and broiler lambs. We bring you the Anarom Breeding sales channel.

From the supply of brood sheep to the sale of lamb, they can buy products and services from us on the following issues;

1) Preparing the Lamb Factory farm design suitable for your land.

2) Construction of sheep shelter, 11 partitions, feeders and drinkers, grassland construction

3) Supply of rootstock sheep

4) Technology package supply with Saytart, hand terminal, software

5) 3-day training at the time of birth in our own farm before the transition to the operation.

6) Operational consultancy on establishing fattening ration, health protection issues, reproduction after the farm is operational

7) Sales network, bulk sales force, bulk purchasing power. We supply roughage and concentrate feed, we sell breeding and broiler lambs.

In summary, we are establishing your farm and making it operational. Then we provide operational support.

As a Lamb Factory, you raise certified and pedigree Anarom. We make you our dealer who trains certified Anarom by signing a contract. You enter our sales channel, we sell your breeding animals and lambs. The demand of our country and the surrounding geography for high-yielding breeding sheep and lamb meat with high nutritional values is very high.

Our aim is to increase the producers who produce with high efficiency, to control them to keep their productivity high and to produce value added, to increase the brand value. Networking.

  • First of all, we recommend that you watch our training videos .

  • You can download the Lamb Factory presentation here . You can learn how the anatomy came about.

  • To give you an idea, here is the external design document about our shelter structures;

  • Information about the Saytart system and software is here .

  • Here is the feasibility targeting the sale of male lambs for slaughter, female lambs for breeding;

  • Here is the feasibility targeting the butchery sale of male and female lambs;

Kuzufab farm design and project inception phase operational consultancy scope

1) Interior and exterior design and dimensions of the Lamb Factory smart farm animal shelters that are most suitable for the physical conditions of the land where the business will be established, determination of their location on the land

2) Design of shelter interior compartments (dry, mating, ultrasound, pregnant first period, pregnant second period, delivery room, lamb sheep, female lamb, male lamb, adult ram, treatment, grassland, infirmary, compost area) in the most appropriate way for the establishment. determination of the dimensions and their location on the plot

2) Consultancy to be provided for the transformation of the business to Lamb Factory standards

3) The design and dimensions of the feeders, determination of the settlement points of the drinkers in the paddocks

4) Determination of design and dimensions of sheep corridor and shot in the treatment area

5) Consultancy to be given during the project on forage purchase, feed purchase, things to be done before and after the delivery of the animals, feeding, fattening, breeding program and general animal husbandry

6) Caregivers to work and train at the Lamb Factory farm for 1 month (caregiver salaries are paid by the investor, accommodation arrangement and transportation to the farm are covered by the investor)

7) Three-day training with intensive delivery time (2 trainees)

Kuzufab Manager Responsibilities

Business manager responsibilities;

1) Control and organization of feed stocks

2) Caregiver supervision and organization

3) Supply and organization of medicines and other supplies for animals

4) Control and control that technological equipment is used at full efficiency

5) Pre-accounting of the business

6) Checking the feeding amount, timing and intervals of different animal groups in different compartments

7) Checking that the transition between the Kuzufab animal compartments at the time of birth, heat consolidation, milking, weaning is done correctly.

8) Delivery room hygiene, equipment supply and renewal

9 Entering birth records (don't trust the caregiver)

Kuzufab Meat Sheep Feasibility

An anarom sheep consumes 250 kg of clover per year. The lamb consumes 25 kg per year, the ram per sheep 25 kg per year. A total of 390 TL roughage consumption with an account of 1300 TL, including transportation, with a total of 300 kg.

The special period Lamb Factory concentrate feed consumption is as follows. Sheep in a year;

When breastfeeding 60 kg

35 kg before pregnancy

35 kg eats before my layer

Assuming that the clovers we planted and measured as roughage are given, an Anarom sheep consumes a total of 120 kg of Lamb Factory concentrate per year.

Oath tone average 2000 TL

Total about 240 TL

At these prices, a sheep eats about 630 TL a year. Lamb fattening consumes 100 kg of fattening feed between 70-100 days, which is 200 TL. 500 TL for two and a half lambs

An Anarom sheep, which produces an average of two and a half lambs a year, eats a total of 1130 TL with its lambs.

We produce coarse feed under a contract as a Lamb Factory. We use the measured clover in our ration.

If your annual caregiver expense is 50 thousand TL for 200 sheep, then 250 TL is maintenance expense per sheep.

Facility maintenance and other expenses are 30 thousand TL per year and 150 TL per sheep.

Get 200 TL for sponge, ultrasound and consultancy costs per sheep.

In total, the cost per sheep is 1730 TL.

In 2020, we bought lambs for slaughter for 25 TL per kilo.

In the Lamb Factory system, lambs from 5 months old fattening gain 45 kg and above, let's say 45 kg.

Assuming 15% lamb killing and 10% replacement herd separation, you get 2.5 lambs per year from one sheep.

In case of sale of female and male lambs for slaughter, the annual turnover you get from a brood sheep is 2812.5 TL.

If you sell female lambs for breeding (1.25 pieces of female lambs from 1710 TL per unit price), male lambs (1.25 pieces of male lambs from 1125 TL unit price), the turnover you get from a brood sheep is 3543.75 TL.

Profitability per sheep is 1082 TL for female and male slaughter sales model and 1813 TL for breeding and slaughter sales model.

When you sell only for meat with 200 brood accounts, you get 216,600 thousand TL profit annually for 200 sheep, and 362,750 TL profit with the breeding and slaughter sales model.

It should not be forgotten that the same 2 caregivers take care of the 200 heads and the herds of 800 heads. Therefore, by increasing the number of sheep, you can decrease the caregiver cost per unit.


You can see the scientific reference behind what we have told by examining this page .

On the other hand, if you have animal feed production, for example, if you produce animal feed plants per 100 decares, you can continue to do so. You can sell your products in the free market and make a profit. To give an example, our Sakarya enterprise sold its own clover to the free market at a price higher than the one it bought from us. This is a subsidiary field of activity. We normally ask them to deal only with the Lamb Factory operation, not other agricultural and livestock areas, in order to avoid a shift in focus in our Lamb Factory operations.
The main added value is obtaining 3 lambs from one sheep a year.

High-yield sheep breeding is not an easy task.

Can I produce my own feed instead of buying my Lamb Factory forage and concentrate?

Roughage means everything. It is the main food of sheep and lambs throughout the year. We give the concentrate feed partially.
It should not be forgotten that not all roughages are roughages.
Features such as seed quality, field, soil fertility, water quality, temperature and humidity values, fertilizer quality, pesticide selection and size are critical for the quality of forage. It is important to reap it in the appropriate vegetative period, if you do not reap it on time, the cellulose rate increases and its quality decreases. Drying method after mowing is important. After drying, the bale, packaging, stock and shipping processes are important.

These criteria determine the nutritional value of roughage, digestibility and the desire of animals to consume.
We are involved in all of these processes.

We have both physical and chemical properties of coarse feed analyzed.
As a result of the physical and chemical examination of the coarse feed, the period of remaining in stock is also determined.
We do not send it to any business without analyzing nutritional values, digestibility, usefulness, mold and alphatoxin in roughage.
In addition, the professional experience of roughage producers is also subject to the selection process for us. We have around 150 fields in all areas close to each other that our pre-supplier team inspects according to our selection criteria.
If there is a problem with one of them, the others are waiting in reserve. In this respect, we manage our risk.

The other issue is the issue of ration determination. We jointly determine the roughage to be given to sheep, concentrate feed and the portions to be given in all of our enterprises. In order to determine the portions, we need to know the animal breed, roughage analysis and energy values, concentrate feed energy values, the physiological status of the animal and the temperature values ​​of the farm.
If one of them is not under our control, we will not be able to provide you with ration service, and we will not be able to analyze and direct you any other problems. We cannot determine the ration in a business where an unknown roughage is used.

Therefore, we need to keep the inputs and outputs in all our farms under control so that we can determine the optimum nutrition amounts.
Reproductive efficiency, heat yield, mating yield, embryonic deaths, lamb growth, feed utilization, diseases, in short, everything depends on giving the right roughage and concentrate feed.

In addition, we should manage the factors that put production efficiency at risk in all businesses, so that when you have a problem, we can deepen the research on your behalf and get to the root of the problem in which we know all the parameters. We cannot get out of the business by saying that the problem is in your roughage, because we have a business model that we will win as you earn.
We should make the production model the same in all businesses so that we can take these animals from you and deliver them to their customers through a sales channel such as The taste of the lamb growing in you and the size of the lamb growing in Kırşehir, the texture and taste of the meat should be the same.

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