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The most important factor in meat production is to establish the core female herd with the right broodstock sheep. Sheep rootstock; She should be able to give birth to twins without adding hormones or feed, she should be able to take care of her lambs she gave birth to many, she should be able to do 3 lambs in 2 years, and milk should be sufficient for most lambs. The highest meat production; You can obtain it by the butchery sale of crossbred lambs that are obtained from the addition of an elite ram with high fertility or insemination with their semen. This is called a commercial hybridization program.

Anarom (Anadolu Romanov) sheep, which we developed as a result of 10 years of breeding work, is a broodstock sheep with high fertility. You can see the comparison chart of Anarom and domestic sheep here . The programs we have prepared for Çiftçi TV about anarome cultivation are in the nature of training videos, you can reach the videos here .

We can transform your local sheep into Anarom. You can find the criteria sought for converting your domestic sheep into Anarom here .

Anarom lambing is not seasonal. It is possible to establish enterprises that produce lamb every 2 months. It is possible to match the time of lambing to the feast of the sacrifice or the periods when lamb supply is low and to increase the profit margin.

The Commercial Crossbreeding Program is the cross-breeding of Anarom brood sheep and rams with improved meat characteristics by means of breeding or Artificial Insemination .


Creating rootstock flocks with high reproductive efficiency


Anarom is a domestic, highly adaptable rootstock sheep with high reproductive efficiency. With the father line Romanov, the mother line is a type developed as a result of controlled crossbreeding of 8 native Anatolian races for 10 years. She gives birth every 8 months, gives birth to twins at each birth, her first pregnancy is at her first year. It is suitable for pasture, suitable for every region of Anatolia. You can find frequently asked questions about Anarom sheep here .


Creating pregnancy with the father with high meat yield


We use Sufolk (Suffolk) rams developed by England for meat features. Our Sufolk rams, which are Canadian and Australian genetics, are breeder traits with pedigree. They were born in our farm by embryo transfer. Daily live weight gain is 500 gr. is around. It is suitable for warm and hot weather, it is suitable for pasture, it offers high carcass quality, it has high marbling property in its meat, the fat does not collect in the tail, it is homogeneously spread on the meat. We use rams called Suforom, which is a Sufolk Anarom hybrid, at Lamb Factories. Because of the Anarom in their blood, these coaches come to the off-season and have high adaptability.


Lambs that became butchers when 4 months old

Carcass section of commercial crossbreed lamb

Its color, aroma and oil ratio is at high standards. The meat of our commercial crossbred lambs has been shown to be heart-friendly in the meat analyzes we have done.

Here you can find the story of a Sufolk Anarom crossbreed lamb recording its weight gain since birth.

Sufolk Anarom crossbreed lamb. 6.3 kg birth weight, 21 kg at 37 days old pictured.

Commercial crossbred lambs provide high feed utilization. Daily live weight gain increases to 300-350 gr. The female and male have the same carcass characteristics and are for butchers.

It reaches 45-50 live weight in 4-5 months.

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