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Feasibility Report
We prepare a special project feasibility report for you. This report is a study that will reveal your profitability on the basis of the region where you will carry out animal husbandry activities, the location of the land, the grazing season, market prices, labor prices, and feed costs. You will be able to predict the return of your investment through this report.
Current Sheep Breeding Package *

Benefit: Your sheep are conceived from Anarom. You get 2.6 lambs, including deaths per sheep per year.

We make the breeding package on the condition that you have been caring for the sheep in your own farm for at least 1 year. Otherwise, you have to buy pregnant domestic brood sheep to Anarom.

Conceiving your own 1 domestic sheep from Anarom: Please ask

Pregnant Domestic Sheep from Anarom *

You can see detailed information about the preparation process of domestic brood sheep pregnant to Anarom here .

Pricing is variable as it depends on domestic sheep supply according to the season. Feasibility will be studied as of your request date.

Live Anarome

Please get price

Commercial hybridization Pack *

Benefit: The daily live weight gain of your lambs increases to 300-350 gr. 45-50 kg live weight in 4-5 months

We apply Suffolk ram conception to Anarom sheep. Small sized domestic sheep cannot give birth to offspring from Suffolk rams.

Suffolk coach conception process: Please get price

(The pregnancy rate is around 60% -70%, by joining a coach to those returning from the procedure, pregnancy can be increased to 90%)

Technology Pack

Herd Tracking Mobile Software, RFID reader, RFID tag, Alarm Center Service

Automatic weighing, automatic counting systems. You can find pictures and information about the products here .

Benefit: You can be aware of problems early and intervene. You know the ready-to-market lambs in advance

Nutrition and Functional Meat Production Package

Benefit: By increasing the functional meat properties of lamb meat, you can obtain a product with higher added value. More information can be found here .

Health Protection and Veterinary Medicine Package

Benefit: With the close follow-up we will offer, your rootstock and lamb mortality rates will decrease.

Ziraat Bank Loan Application

* The minimum number of sheep that can be studied is 50.

* Please contact us for the prices of our other packages.

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