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Anarom was developed from 8 breeds; Native breeds; Awassi, Morkaraman, Akkaraman, Tuj, Kıvırıcık, Sakız, Dağlıç, Merino (50%) and exotic breed; Romanov (50%).Native breeds raised at Anatolia have developed immunity to the many diseases. In addition to that, native breeds are important for biodiversity and their parasite tolerance are higher compared to exotic breeds.

The following are the most important Anarom features;

  • First age at lambing is 12-15 months of age

  • 180-200% litter size

  • 3 lambings in two years

  • Immune system is adopted to Middle East, Caucasians, Russia, East Europe

  • Death ratio is lower than %15

Anarom ewes and rams have pedigree registration certificates.

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